The Eye That Sees Us All

Artist : Label : | VQLP010 Styles : , Format : 2 x 12"

The Eye That Sees Us All is the long-awaited debut from Shaun Reeves. It arrives July 23rd on the Visionquest label, one day before the Michigan-born artist turns 40, and coincides with his 20th year as a DJ.

This new record finds the now LA-based, Michigan-born artist circle back to the underground world where he feels most at home. After years spent touring the world as part of the Visionquest collective, he ended up in a musical place he no longer enjoyed or recognised. Once the members decided to focus on their own thing for a while, he quietly, and happily, sunk back into his original community in Berlin, hidden from the hype. There he played cultured and cosy parties at CDV, hung out with friends and reconnected with the sounds he always loved the most.


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#Track Title

A1. The Eye That Sees Us All


A2. Lucy Sky Diamond


B1. Arethusa


B2. Temple Day


C1. Clair De Lune


C2. Morose


D1. 5 Signs


D2. Tropikal Depression Feat. Falco Nero