Come On Let’s Get It

Artist : Label : | LC2097-001 Styles : Format : 12" Yellow vinyl

This is the first release from long time running party ‘Lost Control’ in Manchester and Berlin and NTS resident under the same name run by Black Eyes. The label itself is our new extension of the portal from the 7th dimension. Specialising in plasma house, sub-aquatic electro and cyber techno all brought back from the year 2097. The first EP is from Texan electro legend Cygnus. We don’t need to explain how good he is. We just hope you enjoy the ride of cyber soul at its deadliest. There’s even a tribute track to city of Manchester where Lost Control was birthed. The record is also mastered by Dutch synth genius Rude 66.


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#Track Title

A1. Come On Let’s Get It


A2. Manchester


B1. Robotech


B2. Soi Boi

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