Moujingue D. Mezmère Daronne

Artist : Label : | DKO30 Styles : , , Format : 12"

Mézigue aka Mezmother from different brother comes back with a new 4 trackers based on the will of D. (as being part of it). Represent is the first collaboration between Mézigue and Mad Rey on this D.KO release showing their roots. SIXK is pretty much on the same vibe but UCHU A NO NEKO is a Japanese-ish electronic ballad full with the mézigue’s melodic instinct. MO D. BASS is a d n b track asking for more drum n bass. Mézigue is still looking for the last island in the new world using the path of electronic music. As they say if you ain’t like it ain’t listen to it.


Coming Soon

#Track Title

A1. Represent Ft. Mad Rey


A2. Uchu A No Neko


B1. Mo D. Bass (WWBF Début Final)


B2. SIXK (Pieuvres Chaude Extract)