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Introducing LYNCH, the new EP from the artist SHUBOSTAR and the first release from French label, ANO ANO. The South Korean producer based in MXC unveils her latest EP “Lynch” where Sci-Fi and
Dark Disco collide. After her take over of Burning Man’s main Mayan Warrior stage in 2019, SHUBOSTAR has been on the rise and she’s only just begun.
Our journey begins with “Lynch”, a title which pays homage to the renowned American filmmaker, David Lynch. A punchy track built around a captivating bassline where atmospheric melodies gradually creep in. SHUBOSTAR – LYNCH (out Nov, 27th)

The exploration continues with the dreamy ‘Maoi’. Haunting keys, shamanic voices and a striking rhythmic base fold into one another to create a meditative masterpiece. On the remix side, Darlyn Vlys, Damon Jee and Curses take our cosmic-disco trip straight to the dance floor. The French duo, Darlyn Vlys & Doman Jee, tackle ‘Lynch’ with a fast pace interpretation. A base of percussion and drums, distorted by guitar riffs perfectly meld to get your hips shaking. While Curses, the American producer based in Berlin, introduces New Wave and Post Punk
influence to ‘Maoi’ to create a hypnotizing club jam.


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#Track Title

A1. Lynch


A2. Lynch (Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys Remix)


B1. Maoi


B2. Maoi (Curses Remix)

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