RK#15 – The Hot City

Artist : Label : | RK15 Styles : , Format : 12"


“We Can Do Anything We Want Because They Say We Can’t Afford The Police”

Talking Heads lost in Ancoats. Prince in a Berghaus. The Compass Point All-Stars meet the Piccadilly Gardens Spiceheads.
Welcome to the world of SEE THRU HANDS.

Here to bring salvation to a Broken Brexit Britain, See Thru Hands is a fresh band from Manchester with hooks for days and a SERIOUS live vibe. Their debut EP on Manchester legend RUF DUG’s label RUF KUTZ – “The Hot City EP” – brings you two new songs backed with remixes tested on the world’s best dance floors.

Opener HOT CITY’s energetic punk/funk conveys a dark story of British city life outside the London bubble.
Our councils are fucked, our public services neutered and all anyone cares about is when Deliveroo is gonna be available in their neighbourhood. Throw away your post-apocalyptic fantasies because it’s already like that – the only option is to dance. It’s grim up north.

After dancing ur arse off and simultaneously coming to the realisation that we’re all fucked pls don’t worry – See Thru Hands are here to pick up your pieces with NOTHING TO LOSE, a whimsical modern pop banger with shades of New British House that will instil in you a sense of freedom and ease all your worries.
Yes we are all going to hell in a handcart but with See Thru Hands as our companions, I think it’s all gonna be just fine.

The package comes backed with a pair of deadly remixes – boss man RUF DUG strips back Hot City to the bare bones, rigs up a couple of jazzy neon lights and a DMX drum machine and brings you his ‘Metrolink Vibes In The Area’ version, while young upstart METRODOME completes the all-Mancunian lineup on this record with a twisted Marmite 2-step interpretation that is either gonna make you buzz or spew. It’s not for everyone.


Nov, 2019

#Track Title

A1. Hot City


A2. Nothing To Lose


B1. Hot City (Ruf Dug Metrolink Vibes In The Area Dub)


B2. Hot City (Metrodome Remix)

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