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Paris based label Rose Et Rosée is proud to present the first solo EP from artist BATAILLE. This second release from RER is a self-contained universe that fits into the label’s open-minded, experimental style. Veteran of the Parisian club scene, BATAILLE has risen through the ranks of several house and minimal labels with his group Antislash (Circus Company) as well as joining forces with trans-genre labels such as Silicate to release solo work under the name John Merrick. With this EP he delivers two tracks that share the same tone but differ in intention. Like two sculptures crafted from the same material, these pieces use a common tool to reveal two distinct aspects of the artist’s psyche. The spirit of the record is eminently sensitive and in this respect Bataille develops a panorama of emotions to illustrate his narrative, culminating in two poems that are a reminder of howtechno can tell a story as well as make people dance. A1: DUB CONNECTION relates an aching surge in a deluge of chanting, heady synths. The loops emerge from the track in search of a summit that doesn’t appear, and this restraint, this melancholic pressure, is vertiginous like the insatiable moments of adolescence. In a confusion of grace and hostility, DUB CONNECTION bellows out that all is lost yet the game was still worth playing. A2: ACID DIRTY LIFE is another vicious spiral. But unlike the internal storm of DUB CONNECTION, this is an acid hurricane that threatens the world and its inhabitants. Turbulent rhythms bid us to a tropical communion where the seasons favor techno that is hot and heavy.


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A. Acid Dirty Life


B. Dub Connection