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On the third release on his label, Malin Genie teams up with Amsterdam resident and Will & Ink regular Yaleesa Hall for a trip into dubbed out techno and house territory. The EP opens with “Oganesson,” an immersive track pivoting around gnarled, shape-shifting dub techno chords. “84” is a more energised cut, using a similar central melodic thread but driving it with a sprightly beat and playful threads of synth expression. “Tournant” places the emphasis on textural sound design, embellishing a rugged techno rhythm with sonic matter that takes on an organic quality as it pulses and writhes around the beat. “Coronal Loop” finishes the EP off with an appropriately star-gazing jam that uses delay and reverb to great effect to create a sense of space in which nimble chord lines and other flourishes can cavort freely.


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#Track Title

A1. Oganesson



A2. 84



B1. Tournant



B2. Coronal Loop


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