Hardcore Will Never Dry

Artist : , Label : | lhlt007 Styles : Format : 12"


Eddie Ness and Liem join forces once more to bring you LHLT007. The Hardcore Will Never Dry”-EP has the two producers embarking on a journey into deep machine funk and swelling subterranean soundscapes, mass tailored for sweaty clubs. All produced in their shared hardware-heaven of a studio the tracks are full of intriguing rough edges and charming imperfections, equipping the tracks with a deep textured and evolving character. Opener Holy Grail” guides us into a groove vacuum: Pairing swirling ping-pong-delays with sharp-edged airy hi-hat’s and a sturdy pad, it sets the tone of the EP: Hazy blips and lazy Grooves! Suddenly echoed stabs pop up out of nowhere while trippy delay’s dislocate all other sounds. Just as you think everything is falling apart Holy Grail” catches itself: It joyrides the thin line between straight balance and stumbling off-beats in the groove vacuum. JRP” seduces us to go even deeper into the groove vacuum. While heavy tribal shakers and drums locate us in the heart of a sizzling tropical jungle, merciless bass stabs and swift noise burst take us back to outer space. JRP” is both gravity and anti-gravity. Always building up tension and teasing, yet never offering closure and cheap satisfaction to it’s captivated listeners, JPR” is a amazing club track for entranced after-hour crowds. Closing track Kevintin Melbourne Shuffle” is what you hoped Melbourne Shuffle would sound like when you first heard the name: Backed by lustfully popping bubble sounds, it’s highly infectious shuffle groove steals the show, while sweet filtered steel drums melodies echo from a distant plant, reminiscing the tropical vibes of their collaborations on LHLT002. Kevintin” is a soft lullaby rounding up this infectious collection of hardware driven tracks. One for the groove, one for the club and one for the chill!


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#Track Title

A. Holy Grail



B1. Jrp



B2. Kevintin Melbourne Shuffle