Triamazikamno – Part 2

Artist : Label : | DISCOBAR06.2 Styles : , Format : 12"


Part 2 of Darren Allen’s Discobar debut takes us on four more precision mindtrips, exploring further the technological influences found in Part 1. On ‘Atonement’, clattering percussive and plunging bass come laced with a Stinsonesque synth line, creating a flightier vibe. The distorted hum of hardware-gone-haywire introduces ‘Scanners’, a convulsed tribute to the Cronenburg classic that rounds out this EP in typically trippy style.’TV Sickness’ is a post-Perlon prowler, the softened shuffle of its first half returning with renewed vigour after a woozy mid-track breakdown, then reprised in a beatless coda.


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#Track Title

A1. Atonement


A2. Scanners


B. Tv Sickness

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