Artist : Label : | CATREN004 Styles : Format : 2 x 12"


Austria’s Paul Walter comes head to head with Romania’s most lyrical imprint, Catren. One track per each side, he doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality, emotion and execution.
Reminiscent of earlier days Chilean productions which we need not name but will for melancholy’s sake, the A side, “Yuil” takes us back to the days of Hireklon and Waiworinao, thought long forgotten and forsaken in favor of cold and austere expressions. Guitar strings harmonically banded together with minimalistic percussions, handclaps and indescifrable vocals compose what will be remebered as a hall of fame track in the years to come.
“Phobo”, on the B Side, takes a more classical approach that will most likely bring back memories as well, catering to a more upbeat style, using poliphonic melodies and a two tone theme that drives the track forward alongside discrete drums and a swingy, fast paced bassline.
Switching to “Hacker”, a more light hearted third course relying on dub influenced melodies and mid ranged basslines, Paul shows just exactly how versatile he is and the diversity that he is capable of bringing forward.
And so we come to “Rio”, which makes use of constant atmospheric elements, the same technical expertise and thought out demeanor, strung togheter to finish off what is a somewhat abstract and tender “swan song” of the EP. Highly recomended and certified classic, vinyl only.


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#Track Title

A. Yuli


B. Phobo


C. Hacker


D. Rio

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