Island Diary

Artist : Label : | BSR032 Styles : Format : 12"

Ewan Jansen,Perth artist, producer and founder ofRed Ember Records,presents his second offering toButter Sessionsfollowing the 2017 EPBest Intentions. The colourful LP from Jansen,Island Library, wraps up the end of the year at the label on a distinguished note — courtesy of Jansen’s 20 years of experience in the Australian electronic landscape.

Island Librarywas recorded over the last 12 months as Jansen returned from a frantic European tour. He was granted a breather with the lockdown, which allowed Jansen the necessary time and space to properly produce his record.The refined character ofIsland Libraryis made clear with Jansen’s experiments in structure and tone, distancing his LP from the formulaic and conventional approach to classic house music. Jansen refers toIsland Libraryas a “palette cleanser,” an apt sentiment. There’s something here for everyone. He has crafted a release to be taken in from start to finish, a treat for eager ears.


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#Track Title

A1. Mussel Hustle


A2. Island Life


A3. Kooka


A4. Hot Rain


B1. Watertable


B2. Proteus Vs Yoshimitsu


B3. Breadcrumbs

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